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About Illest-Noise

Artist Illest-noise (also known as MBMillestnoise) is a Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter. MBM stands for “Make Boss Moves,” and he does not fall short.

MBMillestNoise was born on May 3rd, 1997 in Niagara Falls. Raised by his mother, their experiences from living in multiple cities contribute to the vibe and mindset he has today. Illest-noise’s love for music was embedded as it navigated pain and constant emotions at play, Although Illest started to find his sound at (6 years old) singing, it was at age 17 when he decided to take this passion to the next level. In 2018, Illest began his musical journey by recording his first single.

With feedback from well-known entities and his loved ones, MBMillestNoise set himself on a mission to perfect his craft and rise to the top. Both patience and self-accountability have cultivated him into becoming the artist he is today. Tragic events along with lack of family ties have created a rose from the concrete designed to win.

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D.o.B : May 3, 1997

Hails from: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Website : info@domain.com

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About Gatto

Vancouver rapper and singer-songwriter “Gatto” has made his way from the streets, to a life he once considered the dream.

Young Gatto became a man of few words while overcoming adversities in the streets of D.T.E.S, Vancouver City. In his own words “nobody talks about this. Music is the only place we can express ourselves and even there we get persecuted.”

Gatto’s inspiration comes from his life experiences, coupled with raw talents specifically the obvious Jay Z, Tupac, also big L, Scarface, Lil Boosie. Loves getting drunk to Juice World and recently picked up a love for dancehall  listening to artists mavado and busy signal and intense. Many others not mentioned. 

His goal in music is simply the music itself. Creating 3 minutes and 30 seconds where you feel like you can make it through the day. Songs like “Foolish” among many other songs display rare versatility switching from singing to rapping.

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Stage Name: Gatto

Hails from: Vancouver, Canada

Website : info@domain.com

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About Kurency

Kurency (birth name: BRENTON Kedeeja ROSS), born Jamaican from the date 09/03/1995  from the parish of St. Thomas on the Eastside of the Island from a small district called Somerset. Kurency has been in love with music since the age of twelve. He has been performing at Christmas concerts and Ghetto Splash from the teenage of twelve. He enjoys writing songs, watching Walt Disney, singing with my family, and watching documentaries.

His music influences include Bob Marley, Garnett Silk, RIchie Spice, Vybz Kartel, etc., but most importantly—my older brother—who was treading the same music journey. Seeing him write his own lyrics and performing them gave me great joy and motivation. That was when I started to dedicate my life to music. I started releasing music officially in 2019 when I met Swagg Records and Bone Thugz Records.  Now still on the music journey, I released seven singles with multi producers including
Swagg Records, then released my first E.P. in 2020 but because of the global pandemic (Covid-19), I never got to really do any promotion just over the internet, trying to spread my wings I met Mek Cents Ent., & many more.

Kurency is a determined person, fully focused on only my goals; never giving up and I have a massage for the world, (remember the name K.U.R.E.N.C.Y). Melody, lyrics on point ready to take the world by a storm, (uno Kurency)#cash_clique

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Stage Name : Kurency

D.o.B : September 3, 1995

Location : Somerset, Jamaica

Website : info@domain.com

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About Tabs

Tabs is a music producer inspiring to work with some of the greats . Music is in his roots and he grew up exploring different avenues of music creation. He focuses on hip hop production but isn’t shy from exploration in all genres. His style is mixing multiple of these genres into creations out of the mainstream.

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Stage Name : Tabs

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